Interior Design Masters: Micaela Sharp

Has anyone else been glued to watching Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, over the past few weeks? 

If you've not watched it and love all things interiors, it's a must watch!

We caught up with the lovely contestant, Micaela Sharp.

I met Micaela at a small business event a couple of years ago and have been following her success since.

Micaela started her own business as an upholsterer and has since branched into offering an interior design service, as well as launching her own bespoke furniture brand, Studio Janettie, with fellow contestant, Charlotte Beevor. She’s worked on various TV shows including Flipping Profit, Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, CBeebies Junk Rescue as well as the latest series of Interior Design Masters.

We asked Micaela five questions regarding the show and her business, check out her answers below.

What was your favourite project on Interior Design Masters?
Every brief was challenging in its own way but my favourite was the restaurant brief. It was the most 'real life' in the sense that it wasn't themed so I could let my own style come through a bit more than in previous weeks. I thought I would enjoy some of the other briefs more, such as hotels week, but there were so many obstacles that weren't shown on the tv such as needing new carpets and clients having already sourced certain elements that then we had to design around.

A glimpse of Micaela's work from restaurant week 

How did you start your own upholstery business?
I started my upholstery business after falling in love with upholstery at a short course. I just knew that I wanted to do it full time. I'd always really wanted to work for myself and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore that. It's challenging running your own business but it's also extremely rewarding so I encourage anyone thinking abut it to believe in themselves and give it a go. Even if it's part-time to start with.

Who are your favourite interior designers?
I love interior designers who value craftsmanship, pattern and colour so designers like Sarah Brown, Rosanna Bossom and Em Gurner. These designers seamlessly integrate vintage and antique pieces with the new and bespoke. So that spaces have an instant feel of comfort and cosiness.

Who are your favourite homeware brands?

I believe in sustainability and craftsmanship so I try to avoid going straight to high street brands. We talk about shopping small and thinking about the environmental impact of our purchases, but for some reason that's often forgotten with homeware. For that reason, my go to brands are usually independent, UK based and make their products in small batches. Brands such as Sugar & Cement, Poodle & Blonde, The Lampshade Loft. And of course I have to mention my new launch, Studio Janettie.

Sugar & Cement

Poodle & Blonde

The Lampshade Loft

Studio Janettie

How would you describe your style?
My style is rooted in tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability. A playful mix and layering of pattern and texture. 

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr is aired at 8pm on Tuesdays on BBC Two. If you've missed the start of the series, you can catch up on BBC IPlayer.

Also, be sure to check out  Micaela's behind the scenes pictures on her website.